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FINAL Program:
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Watch Live on June 22, 2023:

*On Rogers TV (Channels 10, 53, 65)

* Online (Youtube Link)




The Program:

The “Our Health” program produces seven health-related information sessions each year. Topics focus on mental health, lifestyle, and diseases. Previous discussions have included PTSD and youth mental health, exercise and diet, and heart disease and infections. Local multidisciplinary health experts are chosen to be a part of each discussion. Also, family members or individuals, who have experienced an illness firsthand, may be part of the panel. Dr. Keith Rose, a retired physician, moderates the series and encourages interactive conversations between panelists and the audience.

The goal of each program is to deliver clear messages about symptoms, treatments and available resources. This up-to-date information is meant to be helpful, hopeful and to dispel old myths. Each event is an opportunity for guests to think about their own personal health issues.

An “Our Health” advisory committee, made up of local health advocates, works to ensure meaningful and stimulating content for each event. The committee collaborates with several health groups, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care, hospitals in Barrie, Orillia and Midland, Community Health Centres, and others.

For each live event, the Midland Cultural Centre is frequently at capacity, 274 seats. Admission to the live presentations is free with advanced registration. Multiple healthcare sponsors make this possible. To reach more people all events are videotaped by Rogers TV and are available on the MCC website for home viewing.

After seven successful years of delivering health educational programs to our community, this will be our final program. It has been a privilege to bring these presentations to our viewers. Please join us for this our last evening of learning and celebration!





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