Guest Comments:  

Here are some of the comments from some of our guests: 

  • Lloyd Robertson: “It was a great night and I had a wonderful time!!!  Fred, you are an excellent interviewer.  Your thoughtfulness and thorough knowledge of the story shone through.”

  • Criminal Lawyer Eddie Greenspan: “The event was one of the highlights of the year for me!”

  • Singer/Actress Louise Pitre: “Thank you for a very enjoyable & quite personal interview. I truly enjoyed it”

  • Author Susan Swan: “I loved it …. it was the best ….  You are so well researched, and you listen so carefully.” 

  • Climatologist David Phillips: “It was fun to witness how you organized and carried-off the evening.  I was thrilled to be part of this.  Every community in Canada should emulate … A Day in the Life.” 

  • Author Joseph Boyden: “Fred, you are a fantastic interviewer.”

  • Psychiatrist Dr. David Goldbloom: “I had a great time. Fred, you are a superb interviewer.”

  • Actor Hugh Barnett (as Samuel de Champlain): “I had a wonderful time; it was an incredible experience.”

  • Toronto Raptors Commentator Leo Rautins: “I had a great time! It was just a comfortable, relaxing conversation!” 

  • Politician, Ambassador Allan Rock: “Thanks especially to Fred for managing the conversation on stage so skillfully.”

  • Author and Activist Maude Barlow: “I loved being on A Day in the Life! Fred Hacker is a wonderful interviewer and put me totally at ease. I forgot there was an audience and just shared my soul with Fred on that stage. He is a treasure.” 

  • Ad Man Terry O’Reilly:  “Thank you for the wonderful interview. Enjoyed it immensely.”

  • Former Supreme Court Judge Frank Iacobucci: “I had a most delightful and memorable visit to Midland and thoroughly enjoyed my evening participation in the ‘Day in the Life’ series under the masterful direction of Fred Hacker.” 

  • CBC host Duncan McCue: "As a journalist, I'm more accustomed to asking questions than answering them - and rarely talk about myself. But it was an absolute pleasure to have an intimate chat with Fred Hacker.”

  • The Honourable Carolyn Bennett: “Congrats on the amazing series .... loved the format.”

  • Steve Smith (“Red Green”):  “Fred is a great host. He is a professional. He does his homework and brings out the best in his guests and his audience. This program, in this venue, is an understated example of why we all live in this country.”

  •  Lawyer Tim Danson: “Frankly your interview was the best - incredibly impressed with time, energy & research” 

  • Sports Broadcaster Rod Black: “Kudos to Fred, the MCC and all the great people in the area for continuing to support a show that is not only educational but truly inspirational allowing great Canadian stories to be told”

  • Holocaust Survivor Max Eisen: “The efforts that went into making the program are indeed worth acknowledging. The “In conversation” mode was very effective.  I could feel the audience respond.”

  • Hockey Great Ken Dryden: “Thank you for helping me discover things I didn’t know were there …”

  • Lawyer & Art Critic Julian Porter: “Fred Hacker works extraordinarily hard and brings the best of you forward”.

  • Backcountry Skier and Reality Show star Rory Bushfield: “The show made me fell like I was on the right path.”

  • “Born Ruffians” (Indie Band): “A Day in the Life is set in an ideal format, providing an incredible opportunity for the audience to learn intimate, engaging details and anecdotes from the show's guests.”

  • Former Prime Minister, Paul Martin: “I really enjoyed it. You are very gracious host. Thank yo.”

  • Actress Sheila McCarthy:  “Spending a warm and fun hour talking with Fred Hacker was an absolute pleasure for me as he reminded me of times in my life I had forgotten about!”

  • Former Prime Minister, Joe Clark: “Thanks Fred. I greatly enjoyed the opportunity in our conversation to recall some milestones in my lucky life and, as important, to reflect upon some lessons learned.”


Audience Comments:

 Here are some recent comments about the series:

  • “To think these world-class, top-notch, high power, progressive individuals are "up close and personal" in our community, and in such a perfect venue as the Midland Cultural Centre!”  

  • “It far surpasses "Mansbridge One on One". “I leave … feeling inspired and energized!”  

  • “The conversations are incredibly enjoyable, personable, interesting, informative and entertaining!”  

  • “Excellent program!  Fred does his homework.  A great interviewer.”

  • “I'm always amazed at how candid and open your different guests are.”

  • “I've attended a number of your "A Day in the Life" evenings, all of which were wonderful.  Tonight, however, you hit it out of the park!  You handled the interview with incredible sensitivity and kindness …”

  • “… amazing presentation … couldn’t believe the amount of valuable information that was covered …  Your interviewing technique really [sets] guests at ease to provide useful information and a personal manner.”

  • “I want to congratulate you on the very fine interview … Your questions were insightful and gave rise to responses that provided a great overview of his [Brian Mulroney’s] life and accomplishments.”

  • “This … Day in the Life was absolutely wonderful … the 90 minutes flew by …exceedingly well done.”

  • “What a great interview today!  I was happy to see you had a very large audience … Well done!”

  • “I am so impressed with the A Day in the Life program and the excellent job you do as host. It easily rivals anything I might see on PBS or TVO; it is even better than that. Every show leaves me spellbound.”

  • “Fred has a great deal of skill at bringing out the best in people and showing that each life is very interesting!”

  • “Thank YOU, Fred, for your continuing support of our community by bringing such fabulous people to our doorstep!”