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Even though the live music industry has come to an abrupt stop, the Midland Cultural Centre recognizes that our local musicians need a safe space to rehearse, record their music videos and live stream concerts to their fans. The MCC is the beating heart of our music community! So we are very happy to once again serve our Music Community by opening Rotary Hall for rentals!

Industryous Photography
Rotary Hall Industryous Photography

Full use of the festival set up on the stage of Rotary Hall.

  1. Rent in blocks of 2 hours minimum (from load-in to load-out).

  2. Use of in-house drum kit; amps and mics or bring your own.

  3. Use of in-house tech to run the system.

  4. Payment by credit card in advance only.

Bands and renters are responsible for i) social distancing; ii) sanitizing mics, mic-stands, bathroom faucets, and door handles etc. It is standard procedure for our staff to sanitize the facility and equipment frequently. The MCC will continue to do so however, band-members/rentee will need to take responsibility for their own safety and also think about others! Rental only includes entrance and exit through the Elizabeth Street doorway; use of Rotary Hall stage and floor space, and adjacent washrooms. For safety reasons no admittance to ANY other space.


Restaurant Table


Do you have an event or virtual event you need to create tickets for? Focus your time an energy of the event itself and have peace of mind that the Midland Cultural Centre's expert ticketing team will take care of the rest. We also offer a marketing package that gives you the benefit of our full-time Marketing Coordinator and our in depth knowledge of the local and surrounding markets in which we serve.

If you are interested in renting Rotary Hall, or for more information, please contact Operations Coordinator, Victoria Evans at

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