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Gaagige-Bimaadiziwin Everlasting Life
An Exhibition Created By Clayton Samuel King

July 11th 2022 - September 29 2022

Gallery is Open: Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm


"Gaagige-Bimaadiziwin explores the balance of belief, tradition, and historical knowledge of the Anishinaabek of Central Ontario, and is influenced by the everlasting life of ancestral teachings from the past, present, and the hereafter." – Clayton Samuel King

The work in this exhibition celebrates the Anishinaabek calendar year through the 13 cycles of grandmother moon, the doodemag (clans) of the Anishinaabek of Southern Georgian Bay, and places of interest that have inspired the artist throughout his career.

Short Film to accompany the exhibit, created by Alec Jordan

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