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of indigenous art

Restaurant Table
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“These drawings are full of precise information about their subjects, even though Andy paid little attention to the conventions of perspective. Taken together these drawings form an extraordinary document of a life lived on the remote and hard-to-access islands of Georgian Bay.”  

-John Hartman

Short Film to accompany the exhibit, created by Scott Parent (Andy Trudeau's Grandson)

"...I could not believe what I saw.  My father had drawn this amazing picture of a scoot. This man who has two very crippled hands had produced this beautiful drawing of a scoot. From that day forward, he drew every day. This was his salvation. He would start a drawing in the morning and would work on it all day. He worked every day. The drawings are a clear picture of my dad’s way of life. He drew the boats, scoots, planes, wild life, fish, and cottages, that were part of his life. My father drew pictures for the last two years of his time in the nursing home.  He passed away May 29 2013."
- Jo-Anne Parent
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